My Review of the Singer Confidence 7465

Singer Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine

Quick Notes

The Singer Confidence 7465 is a basic computerised sewing machine with a wide selection of stitches and useful features like a needle threader, although it lacks more advanced features like a speed slider and has only a basic LCD screen.

The Pros

  • Good range of stitches
  • Has needle threader
  • Great for satin stitch work

The Cons

  • No start/stop button or speed slider
  • Minor design annoyances
  • Very basic LCD screen

Singer Confidence 7465 Overview

Tired of using the same stitches on your mechanical sewing machine over and over again? Have an urge to experiment with a wider selection of decorative stitches? Or just fancy upgrading to a more modern machine? If so, a computerised sewing machine may be exactly what you need!

The problem with computerised machines is that they come in so many shapes and sizes. And so many different price ranges too... If you're after something fairly simple, which doesn't necessarily have all the bells and whistles but has a good selection of stitches, the Singer Confidence 7465 might be the one for you.

It is a basic computerised sewing machine targeted at beginners and casual sewers, and has everything you would expect from an entry-level computerised sewing machine, including 50 stitches, a needle threader, a bunch of different needle positions, and a drop-in bobbin. In fact, it is one of the top 5 machines I recommend for beginners! I also recommend it for younger sewers as it is really easy to use.

How Does It Compare?

I like to start by comparing the machine I am reviewing to other sewing machines which are in the same sort of category and price range. I feel it gives a good sense of where it fits in:

ModelSinger Confidence 7465 Sewing Machine
Confidence 7465
Brother FS40 Sewing Machine
Singer Confidence 7463 Sewing Machine
Confidence 7463
Brother Innovis NV15 Sewing Machine
Innovis NV15
Husqvarna Viking H Class 100Q Sewing Machine
Husqvarna Viking
H Class 100Q
Price Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Stitches 50 40 30 16 20
Buttonholes 2 5 2 3 2
Needle Threader
Speed Slider
Bobbin Type Top Loading Top Loading Top Loading Top Loading Top Loading
Presser Feet
All purpose foot
Zipper foot
Blind stitch foot
Buttonhole foot
Satin stitch foot
All purpose foot
Zipper foot
Blind Stitch foot
Buttonhole foot
Button fitting foot
Overcasting foot
Monogramming foot
All purpose foot
Zipper foot
Adjustable blind hem foot
Buttonhole foot
Satin stitch foot
All purpose foot
Zipper foot
Blind stitch foot
Buttonhole foot
Button fitting foot
Overcasting foot
Utility foot A
Decorative stitch foot B
Buttonhole slider foot C
Blind hem foot D
Zipper foot E
Quilter's 1/4" piecing foot

The 7465 does well in terms of number of stitches, but lacks a few of the features some of the other machines have. If you're a decorative stitch kind of person, the Confidence 7465 is the one for you. If you prefer a more functional machine with several buttonhole styles, then you may want to consider the Brother FS40.

Differences Between the Singer Confidence 7467 and 7465 Models

A quick note about the Confidence 7467 model - it is very similar to the Confidence 7465, except for the fact that the 7467 has 70 stitches rather than 50, and a green face plate. The additional stitches include one extra keyhole buttonhole, satin stitches and decorative stitches. It seems that the 7467 is rather difficult to find in the UK, and is more popular in the US.

The Stitches

Don't be fooled by the 6 stitch buttons on the front on the machine, which are just easy access buttons for the most popular stitches. This machine actually has a total 50 stitches. It is a decent selection is stitches and includes most of the stitches you would expect, such a stretch stitches, decorative stitches, and a surprisingly large number of satin stitches. It also has 2 buttonholes.

All of the stitches can be found on the stitch reference guide, which is printed on tray which slides out from the bottom of the machine. The full selection of stitches is shown in the picture below:

Singer Confidence 7465 Stitches
The 50 stitches available with the Singer Confidence 7465

Stitches are selected either using the easy access buttons, or by using the up arrow/down arrow buttons to scroll through the different numbers. It can be a little tedious having to scroll through all of the stitch numbers to get to the one you want, and I prefer to be able to punch in the stitch number directly using a number pad, but it is only really a minor inconvenience.

The machine can manage a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute, which isn't blisteringly fast, but is perfectly acceptable.

It also has a handy tacking stitch function for tying off most stitches.

Design and Build Quality

The 7465 is generally pretty sturdy and stable, although it can wobble a bit when you get to the higher speeds.

There is one (minor) thing that particularly annoys me about this machine - it's the location of the twin needle button, which is on the front of the machine, but is frustratingly off centre. It just sort of hangs there awkwardly below the stitch width slider!

Another minor gripe is the little tray that the stitch reference guide is on, which I mentioned earlier. It sticks out somewhat awkwardly from the bottom of the machine, and could have been better designed.

You can see what I mean in this photo:

Singer Confidence 7465 Design
My minor gripes with the design of the Singer Confidence 7465

Presser Feet

The Confidence 7465 comes with 5 snap-on presser feet:

  • All purpose foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Satin stitch foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Buttonhole foot

The satin stitch foot is handy for applique, and for getting the most out of the numerous satin stitches this machine offers. For those who don't know, a satin stitch foot is similar to an all purpose zig-zag foot, but it has a groove on its underside which allows the dense satin stitches to be fed through more easily.

Singer Confidence 7465 Presser Feet
The Singer Confidence 7465 all purpose (left) and zipper (right) presser feet

The Details

The Bobbin

The Confidence 7465 has a drop-in bobbin with a clear plastic cover. I prefer top loading bobbins like this over front loading bobbins as I find them much easier to load, and I like being able to see how much thread is left on the bobbin.

The Needle

The machine is fitted with twin needle functionality, although you will have to purchase the twin needle separately. This is great for sewing hems if you don't have a serger, or can be fun to experiment with and use for decorative effect. The machine has a twin needle sewing mode which can be activated by pushing the button on the front of the machine. This reduces the stitch width automatically, which reduces the risk of breaking needles. 41 of the 50 stitches can be used with the double needle. You can see it in action in this photo:

Singer Confidence 7465 Twin Needle
The double needle in action

Needle Threader

One of the nice features on the Confidence 7465 is the automatic needle threader, which is super handy if you struggle with threading needles. It is particularly nice to have this feature on this machine, considering that it is conspicuously missing from the Brother FS40!

LCD Screen

The 7465 has a very basic LCD screen which displays only the stitch number. The Brother FS40 however has a more advanced screen which also shows you stitch length and width, and even which presser foot to use!

Singer Confidence 7465 LCD Screen Comparison with Brother FS40
Comparison between the Singer Confidence 7465 (left) and Brother FS40 (right) LCD screens


Like most of the lower end Singer machines, the Confidence 7465 comes with a relatively flimsy dust cover, and not a hard cover as I would have preferred.

Feed Dogs

The feed dogs can be dropped using a switch at the back of the machine on the free arm.

You can read more about the 7465 model on the Singer website.


So in summary, the Singer Confidence 7465 is a fairly basic computerised sewing machine which has 50 stitches, a drop-in bobbin, a needle threader, and many other features you would expect from an entry-level computerised machine.

One of the main alternatives to this machine is the Brother FS40, which offers fewer decorative stitches and doesn't have a needle threader, but which has a start/stop button and speed slider, a more advanced LCD screen and more buttonhole stitches.

Which machine is best for you will ultimately come down to personal preference, and what you plan on using the machine for! The FS40 is probably more durable and more solidly built.

Similar Sewing Machines

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Brother FS100WT
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Brother FS40

4 thoughts on “My Review of the Singer Confidence 7465

  1. It would be nice if the needle threader actually worked! It does occasionally but occasionally is not often enough!

  2. Hi just bought singer confidence .
    Can someone tell me what the two slide buttons are on the front , I can’t find in the manual .

  3. In the past I used quaint old singers including treadles, and I could sew anything on them. This Confidence can’t tackle silks, chiffon, nets, etc without damaging or screwing up the fabric. I wouldn’t dare risk expensive fabric. Stitch length and width position controls are unpredictable. Needle threader is a joke. Now the little tabs on the plastic bobbin cover plate have snapped off (as trying to release screwed up chiffon) so I can’t use it at all. No idea where to get parts.

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