My Review of the Janome 7025

Janome 7025 Sewing Machine Review

Quick Notes

The Janome 7025 is a great mechanical sewing machine for both the beginner and the experienced sewer. It has a wide range of stitches, and features such as the needle threader make it a pleasure to use.

It is also a very portable machine, and so is an excellent choice as a second machine if your main machine is very heavy.

The Pros

  • Good selection of stitches
  • 1-step buttonhole
  • Portable machine

The Cons

  • Needle threader can be tricky to use
  • A few flimsy parts

Janome 7025 Overview

The Janome 7025 is a robust, reliable 24 stitch mechanical sewing machine, which includes a nice range of features. It is a very popular machine, and in fact is one of the best selling sewing machines on the John Lewis website, just behind the John Lewis Mini.

The 7025 is very easy to use and comes with a very clear instruction manual, which makes it a great choice for beginners. But it also has a large enough selection of stitches and features that you are unlikely to feel limited by this machine as you improve and move onto more complex projects. More advanced sewers are likely to be satisfied with this machine as well.

Main Features

The Janome 7025 sewing machine has the following main features:

  • 24 Stitches
  • 1-Step Automatic Buttonhole
  • Drop-in Bobbin
  • Needle Threader

The Stitches

Let's take a look at the stitches first. The Janome 7025 offers a total of 24 stitches, including a 1-step buttonhole, a number of stretch/elastic stitches and 16 decorative stitches. This is a pretty good selection for a mechanical machine, and should meet the vast majority of people's needs.

The full selection of stitches is shown in the picture below.

Janome 7025 Stitches
The 24 Janome 7025 stitches

The maximum stitch width is 5 mm and the maximum stitch length is 4 mm.

Comparison with the Janome Sewist 525S

The Janome 7025 is almost identical to the Janome 525S sewing machine, and as far as I can tell the only real difference between the two models is the design. For that reason I would suggest shopping around and going for whichever model is cheapest.

For more information about the 525S model, have a read of my review of the Janome 525S.

The Details

Stitch Quality and Speed

I am happy to report that the stitch quality of the 7025 is very good, although perhaps this is not surprising as stitch quality is generally very good on Janome machines.


The 7025 has a 75W motor, which is relatively powerful. It should be handle to handle a few layers of heavy fabric such as denim, but always make sure you are using a suitable needle! And just bear in mind that it is not a heavy duty machine, unlike the Singer 4411 for instance.

Bobbin System

The 7025 has a drop-in top loading bobbin system, which some say is less likely to jam than a front-loading bobbin system. The transparent plastic cover also means that you can see how much thread your bobbin has left.

You can drop the feed dogs on this machine using a small switch located under the free arm towards the back of the machine.

Presser Foot System

The Janome 7025 comes with the following presser feet:

  • All Purpose Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Overedge Foot

The machine allows you to adjust the presser foot pressure, which can be a blessing when working with light materials. This is done using a dial on the left side of the machine.

Needle Threading

The 7025 comes with a needle threader, which can be great is you have poor eyesight or often struggle threading the needle. It can be a little tricky to use at first, but with a bit of practice it does making threading a lot easier!


The 7025 is a sturdy, well designed machine, which feels like a quality product.

It has a few flimsy parts, such as the needle threader and the presser foot release lever, but generally the build quality is very good.

It is also very lightweight, weighing just under 7 kg. This makes it very portable. If you have an existing vintage or industrial machine which is very heavy, the 7025 makes an excellent portable second machine.


In addition to standard accessories such as needles, bobbins and a quilting guide, the 7025 also comes with a hard plastic cover which is handy for transporting the machine around, keeping dust off it when in storage, and preventing children from playing with it unsupervised! The dust cover has a hole in the top to allow the machine handle to poke through. This is handy for transportation, but does mean that some dust can still get in. You can see the cover next to the machine in the photo below.

Janome 7025 Hard Cover
The Janome 7025 with its hard cover

You can store your accessories in the storage bed, but it is rather small so you won't be able to get too much else in there!


The Janome 7025 is a good, robust machine, which offers a wide range of stitches for a mechanical machine. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced sewers. It is very similar to the Janome 525S machine, so you may also want to have a read of ourJanome 525S review.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “My Review of the Janome 7025

  1. Is it good for free machine/free motion embroidery? i am looking for a second machine for that.

    1. Hi Rebekah! You can drop the feed dogs on this machine, but it doesn’t come with a free motion foot so you would have to purchase one separately.
      You might want to take a look at the Brother FS100WT, as it has an extension table and comes with everything you will need to get started.:
      The Frister+Rossman QE404 machine I mention on my page about quilting would also probably be a good option:

  2. My 7025 was delivered today with an instruction book labelled 525s. Are these machines so similar that it doesn’t matter I have received this, or do I definitely need a booklet for the 7025?

    1. I seem to have broken the black piece at the back when trying to release the foot to change it for another1/4 inch one. Is this repairable?
      What do you suggest I do? I bought from JOhn Lewis.

    2. I’m looking for a spare bobbin holder so that I can adjust the tension for double needle sewing on knits without losing the original tension setting. (I know that I am a wimp but I’m scared to touch it!) I’ve just phoned Janome UK (0161 666 6011) and they have said that the 7025 and the 525s are the same. (I asked this before I told them what I was looking for.)

  3. I’m looking to get an extension table for my 7025, but I can’t seem to find one that says it will fit that machine. Do you know if there is one that will fit?

    1. Hi Clo. There are definitely extension tables out there that would fit, and you should be able to find some online. You could also try searching for an extension table for the Janome 525S, as I’m pretty sure it would also fit the 7025.

  4. I have a Janome 7025. It has a one step buttonholer and machines fine down the left side but coming up the other side it straight stitches or wide zag. have you any idea why this would be. Thankyou.

  5. I am having trouble adjusting the pressure foot to grip fine material. Can you suggest any online instruction to explain this. The dial on the left hand side of the machine does not appear in my manual.

  6. Hi,

    I have this machine, is really good. However, I am looking for an upgrade with a bit more power. Do you know which other Janome machine, over more power? I have an Janome overlooker and was hoping my sewing machine have simiar kind of power.

  7. Hi,

    I have this machine, is really good. However, I am looking for an upgrade with a bit more power. Do you know which other Janome machine, offer more power? I have an Janome overlooker and was hoping my sewing machine have simiar kind of power.

  8. Will a presser foot compatible with the Janome 525S also fit the 7025? I am looking for a machine where I will be able to use the Fringe foot, Ruffler foot, Pintuck foot etc and the 7025 is cheaper but I can only find decorative feet to fit the 525S.

  9. Hi I haven’t sewn in years but am looking to take it up again and learn to make light weight curtains and blinds. Currently looking and torn between the Janome 7025 and the Janome Decor Excel 20. The hard cover and needle threaded and handle is a bonus. There is a little price difference between the two but not a lot. Can anyone comment on which machine I should go for.

    1. Hi Beth. There’s a light just above the needle. I’ve had my 7025 for a few years now and it’s going strong but I did need to replace the bulb once. I bought a replacement in a set of two so now have a spare. I don’t know if they do LED spares but will be looking next time I need to buy another.

  10. I tried to turn the pressure foot guide and it is now pushed in and not flush with the machine. Can anyone help me please? I assume it shouldn’t be and it won’t come out.

  11. A very beginner question, but I can’t find the answer anywhere. I’m wondering what exactly the needles that come with this machine are. I see there are three 75/11 – but one has a blue top and two are silver… Then there are two 90/14.

    I’m wondering what these needles are best for (are they all universal? Or are any ball point?) and do I need to buy different needles if I want to hem jeans or work with fleece?

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