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Differences Between the Brother LS14, L14 and L14S Models

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If you’ve been shopping around online for an entry level sewing machine, chances are you’ve come across a few of the Brother models. And if you’re confused about the different model names and their specifications, well, I don’t blame you!

There are three entry level Brother models with 14 stitches. Let me introduce you to the LS14, the L14 and the L14S. Wait, what? Confusing isn’t it!

Brother Sewing Machine Models LS14, L14 and L14S
The Brother L14S (left), LS14 (center) and L14 (right) models

Differences Between the Models

Let me save you some time – the inner workings of these machines are essentially identical, the only thing that changes is the design of the plastic chassis. So just choose which ever one you like best! My personal favourite is the L14S!

Why Do They Do It?

I have heard that this is something Brother does relatively frequently with entry-level models. Making minor adjustments to existing models allows them to keep costs low and still offer a wide range of machines.

For reasons I don’t fully understand, no mention is made of the L14S and LS14 models anywhere on the website, but the L14 model is. The LS14 does get a mention on the site, but the L14S doesn’t. So getting information about the differences between the machines directly from Brother isn’t exactly straightforward.

Are these Models Any Good?

I have reviewed the Brother LS14, so feel free to take a look at that review for more detail. In summary, it is a good machine for beginners, mainly because it is great value for money and easy to use. The only concern is that you may outgrow it rather soon, due to the limited number of built-in stitches and the fixed stitch width and length. And remember, this all applies to the L14 and L14s models as well!

4 thoughts on “Differences Between the Brother LS14, L14 and L14S Models

  1. There is also a Brother HC14 – What is the difference between that and the three models mentioned above? Is it an older style or newer version?

  2. Hi – there is also the LS14s which looks just like the LS14 – can anyone shed any light on the difference?

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